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Manbad shot dead girl in Gagaha, panic in village


Late Monday night in Girha's Ahiruli village, a manhunt shot a young woman from a tank. She was injured due to a shot in the hand of the girl. The sound of bullet caused panic in the village. Some people also tried to apprehend the accused but no one went near because of the handgun and being drunk.


 The police later hospitalized the injured woman and started a search for the accused. According to the information, the bullet was found in the hand of Sudarshan Pandey's 28-year-old daughter Satyavati. It is being told that Manvendra Santdev Yadav of the village came to the village after drinking alcohol and started abusing Jai Prakash Yadav on something. Sudarshan also came to the rescue. Seeing a dispute with the father, the daughter started watching from the roof During this time, he fired from the tank and a bullet was missed. Then he loaded and fired Tamancha and the bullet hit Satyavati standing on the roof. She screamed as soon as she was shot in the hand. On the other hand, the villagers also heard the sound of firing and there was an atmosphere of chaos. It is being told that there are many cases against accused Santdev.