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teachers of around 1.60 lakh government-run primary and upper primary schools of UP will soon be able to improve their

PRAYAGRAJ: Language teachers of around 1.60 lakh government-run primary and upper primary schools of UP will soon be able to improve their pronunciation and teaching skills through tailor-made free of cost smart spoken English course videos made available for them. Experts of English Language Teaching Institute (ELTI), Prayagraj, have completed the task of designing the course, say officials. Director general (school education) Vijay Kiran Anand said the teachers will be given online training through this course so that the required improvement in educational standards of children can be achieved. Each language teacher of the said schools will be compulsorily trained through online mode. ELTI will also make its spoken English videos available on its YouTube channel, he added.

A total of 120 modules of 10 to 12 minutes duration each are ready. The full course of approximately 24 hours duration will soon be available through Diksha portal of the union ministry of education for the teachers, said ELTI principal Skand Shukla. The course has been designed by ELTI after studying such courses already available in the private sector. We saw that none of the courses already there could cater to the knowledge of English language along with speaking practice that we needed for our teachers. The course designed by us will give knowledge of syntax, including grammar and sentence structure, besides pronunciation, vocabulary as well as information regarding common errors made by most. It will also offer conversation practice to teachers and has assessment exercises after every module, he added.


Shukla said proficiency in speaking a language required practice and the practice happened in a language environment. The aim of the spoken English course is to provide the language teachers this very environment and the needed practice, he added. He said that during the corona pandemic, a large number of teachers had already received the training through online medium and so there will be no difficulty in teachers accessing and undergoing the training using this specially designed spoken English course. The ELTI was established by the British Council in 1956. It is supported by the central university of English and foreign languages, ​​Hyderabad in its functioning also.