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Kushinagar: Dead body thrown in forest after killing woman, sensation spread among people of nearby villages

The woman's head was found dead in a field on the banks of the main western Gandak canal near Jungle Banvirpur village in Uttar Pradesh's Kotrauna Kotwali area. As soon as this was known, there was a sensation among the people of the surrounding villages and a large crowd gathered on the spot. Kotwali police, who arrived with the dog squad and forensic team, tried to identify the woman but could not succeed.

Police suspect that the body of the woman's body has been planted here by killing elsewhere.On Saturday, some villagers were scheduled to walk towards the northern end of the main western Gandak canal. During this time, the villagers saw the head of the woman lying dead in the middle of the sugarcane and tur fields on the banks of the canal. As soon as this was known, sensation spread among the people of nearby villages. On the information of the villagers, Kotwal reached the spot with Anuj Kumar Singh Dog Squad and Forensic Team. Despite considerable efforts, the police could neither get any evidence from the spot nor could the woman be identified. This makes the police suspect that after killing the woman elsewhere, the corpse has been planted here. The police is investigating the case, but he hopes to reveal the matter only after the identification of the woman.


The dead body of a woman has been found in a sugarcane field near Banvirpur village under Sidhuwa police station in Padrauna Kotwali area. The woman is killed by cutting the throat with a sharp weapon. In this case, the police is investigating the case by registering a murder case.

Vinod Kumar Singh, SP