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Kushinagar / Khadda: Boy who was taking honey in the grip of current, death

A 40-year-old young man, a resident of Dhanauji, who was extracting honey from a bee hive in a farm in Gram Sabha Kopjangal of Khadda police station area in Kushinagar district, died due to electrocution. The police reached the spot after receiving information and took the body and sent it for a post-mortem. While roaming around, the young man used to work to extract honey from the honeycomb.

Sukurullah son Beluwar, a resident of Gram Sabha Dhanauji settler of Khada police station area, used to extract honey from honeycomb. On Sunday evening he went with his colleague to extract honey from the hive planted by the bees in the farm of Kopjangal village. He started crossing the GI wire around Joginder Kushwaha's field to save crops. During this time, due to the current flowing in the wire, the smoke started burning. Seeing him burning in the current, the aide ran towards the village screaming.

On knowing about this, people reached the spot till Sukurullah died scorchingly. On receiving information about this incident, SO RK Yadav, SSI PK Singh, SI Rajesh Yadav, soldiers Umashankar Yadav, Anees Yadav etc. reached the spot and sent the body in possession and sent for the post-mortem. On hearing the news that Sukurullah died of electrocution, there was chaos in the family.