88 corona including CMO found infected in Maharajganj, one dead

88 corona including CMO found infected in Maharajganj, one dead


On Thursday, 88 people, including CMO Dr. AK Srivastava of Maharajganj, have been found corona infected. At the same time, an infected patient died during treatment. CMO Homes Isolated When Corona Virus Confirmed in Investigative Report. The CMO has taken both doses of the vaccine.

The CMOs were involved in the inspection of the infected patients admitted to the Kovid Hospital and to observe the corona vaccination sessions every day. Even district women used to reach their beds to know the health status of the infected people admitted in Kovid Hospital. Coronas have been tested in the routine several times due to contact with the infected. But on May 3, after being tested with a rapid antigen kit, a sample medical college was sent for RT-PCR examination. The investigation report became available late Wednesday night. Upon investigation, corona virus confirmed that the isolates were homologous. Health was stirred up after the CMO was informed that the corona was infected. The CMO said that his health is normal. There is no problem of any kind. Kovid is receiving information about hospitals and corona vaccinations over the phone.

With 88 infected on Thursday, 9139 have been found so far in the district. 107 people have lost their lives during treatment. At present there are 1205 active cases in the district.

12 people got corona infected in the storm

Sneaky. In the investigation on 112 CHC on Thursday, 12 people were found corona infected. Superintendent Dr. Rajesh Dwivedi said that 12 people belonging to the corona are residents of the village in the vicinity of the area. Home isolates have been advised to these people. The team included LT Narendra Kumar, Arvind, Parameshwar Shahi and Umesh Chand Yadav.

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